I’m a London based creative living and breathing patterns ever since I stumbled upon this line of work during a Photoshop college class back in 2014.

After college I was lucky to intern for some London print studios including Pattern Textiles, Baxter Fawcett and Mirjam Rouden.

I’m currently freelancing for studios and taking on direct client project work.

What you can expect working with me:

  • Artwork Development from initial idea/concept

  • Artwork revisions

  • Colourway options

  • Print ready artwork (in repeat and/or colour separation if required)

When not working at my studio, I take work on the road and travel to some exotic destinations a few times a year. This always injects fresh inspiration into my work!

Since 2018 I also started teaching on Skillshare which gives me a platform to share my process and productivity tools with other designers.