Creative Block

Every creative knows this feeling too well! Sometimes referred to as “Writer’s Block”, it’s that uneasy lingering feeling that can creep in when you least expect it.  For me it manifests as a lack of direction, weavering motivation and lack of focus. It can also come about when I’m overwhelmed by too many things to do with no structure in place.

How can one battle this? Or is that even the right question to ask? Some people think the right approach to tackling lack of inspiration is to let it be and try to help yourself by going on an inspiration hunt.  Then, perhaps out of the blue something out there will lure us back to our sweet spot and transport us back to being enthusiastic and optimistic about our work.

I think it’s good to give ourselves a break from our creativity and not fight inertia too much unless we have a deadline to complete something by.  Having a break from social media it’s actually a good thing too. Recently, I’ve stopped worrying about not posting on Instagram for several days. Sure, my following count suffers as a result but we’re humans not machines and anyhow, posting for the sake of it, means low quality artwork and that in itself is a recipe for less followers so it’s a catch 22 situation.

Currently, I’m preparing for a driving test and planning 2 trips abroad.  At the same time, my working situation has changed so a radical change to my working hours routine.  It’s that sudden change that is causing me to stop and ponder on what’s next. It’s all in my hands and it’s a scary thing too.  Just keeping busy isn’t a good strategy to get out of a creative rut.

I have a ton of stuff I could be doing creatively right now but I’ve also got a lot of other stuff not related to art which needs sorting out so I can’t expect for everything to stay the same.  Patience then is what’s called for and knowing that I haven’t lost “it”; “it” will come back once all the other ducks get in line and I’ve got the mental space to welcome “it” back.

How do you tackle your creative block?  Do you try to force it back in line or do you give yourself time to invite it back when the time is right?