Finding Your Calling

Today I was reflecting about how finding your calling is like finding your soulmate.  When you face each other you just can’t imagine how your life was before you met cheesy as that may sound.   Anyway, I think you get the analogy… for me, this path of working in pattern design has seriously seduced me and all I want to do is devote the rest of my life to it...I think that’s officially a “calling” or vocation?!  I know I’m still in the honeymoon period (it’s less than 2 years into the relationship and it wasn’t exactly love at first sight either).

Anyway, my point is that this type of work ticks so many boxes for me in respect to working creatively and I feel so lucky for it! Ok there’s I’m sure an element of naivety in all this on my part as I’m not yet a true “professional” but who ever advocated starting a new relationship with skepticism or cynicism?  I’m sure reality will strike at some point but the point is that the love of your profession should sustain you through hardships and sacrifices. Plus, I’m definitely not doing it for the love of money or fame...ermmm, it’s a drop of ten grand in salary last time I checked!

Staying with the topic of vocation, I recently finished reading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield and I can’t remember the last time I read a book and wanted to start reading it again the moment I got to the last page!  It is a real account of deeply felt personal conflicts that the author encountered on his journey to becoming a writer over the course of many years. One part that really fascinated me was the idea of the “Muse”. This otherworldly entity that overlooks and directs any creative endeavour. In other words, the force or inspiration driving the artist to manifest this abstract, untouchable creation that comes into being in our 3d world.  OK, sometimes it did feel a little too far fetched when he talked about invoking the Muse or praying to it though it’s not an uncommon concept found through civilizations, right?

The other fascinating lesson I took from this book is that “Resistance” is the antithesis to the  Muse. The author goes into great depth to reveal how resistance manifests itself and how to beat it.  I seriously can’t recommend this book enough. It’s my first read of 2017 (11 more titles to go!!) and what an impact it’s already having.  If anything, it has reaffirmed my calling for this precious art form and that I’m in it for the long haul for better or worse, for richer or poorer, I do!

I picked these images I took in the last couple of days around Valencia because I think they are evocative of my life long creative path search.  The first on the left is a hanging cage which to me symbolizes the stale state of mind we find ourselves in before we find our true vocation.

The middle picture, represents the climbing up to unknown or uncharted takes courage!

The last photo symbolizes for me those moments of joy when you stumble upon something beautiful unexpectedly...the creative process or the Muse does reward us sometimes! :)

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