My 2018 Year Review

My 2018 has been a year of little steps and big jumps.  I’ve produced over 200 designs so that is a nice accomplishment of itself.  But as we all know it’s quality not quantity that matters at the end of the day and in that regard I also feel happy with my output trying out new themes and techniques.  Also finally getting to grips with repeats! Hell yes!!! :)

Even though it hasn’t been a year of big financial successes, I’m grateful for each and every design I managed to sell via studios/3rd parties.  Which brings me to what I hope to do in 2019 - and that is to also find direct clients of my own which will hopefully supplement my income further without having to part with any sales revenue.  

I do feel ready to take this difficult and daunting step now though and it’s been two years in the making!  No doubt I’ll make mistakes and get discouraged during the process but I know that’s inevitable and exactly what it is - a process, so I’m willing to walk it facing up to that deep seated fear is all of us: rejection.

Fortunately rejection has never totally paralysed me before.  I think that’s because I’ve tried so many things in life before that didn’t work out despite me thinking it was the right thing for me at the time... so if these setbacks come my way, I know there’s always another way or another opportunity around the corner.  

Moreover, what keeps me going is seeing year after year (this was my second one in surface/textile design) how my style develops and what new themes I get to try out for the first time.  I just get so excited thinking of what’s ahead in the next 2, 5, 10 years even. There’s really no reason to get’s all about perspectives isn’t it? Oh and another biggie - managing expectations!  I can see so clearly now how improbable my 2016-17 year expectations were. Realism really is a true friend.

Everyone’s journey is different and I can honestly say it’s taken me 20 years to get to where I am today (counting from when I finished university with an art degree) and all that time I was really impatient to get somewhere...problem was I didn’t know where!  Since getting into surface design I feel more grounded and creatively fulfilled. Whatever that thing is for you, don’t force it and be patient...keep that fire going and you’ll get there, whatever your destination even if you don’t have the ticket yet.