Out & About London - Part 2

It was a busy end of June taking in the CSM and New Designers degree shows plus 4 talks at the latter event.  In addition, I also attended a Meetup networking event for freelance surface pattern designers organised by the lovely Her Print Studio in Bethnal Green.  This is something I will definitely attend again as there were some lovely people there and everyone eager to share their experience of working in the industry.  It can feel so insular working from home day in and day out and not speaking to people in your tribe doing exactly the same thing as you!

It does make me wonder how all this would be a lot harder to do if I were not living in a happening thriving city like London.  

July’s got to a nice start with a long weekend in Norfolk for my birthday which was such a treat!  The salt marsh landscapes in summer and birdlife is quite a sight.

Out & About London - Part 1

I decided to start a series of short blog entries covering all the events and places I am planning on visiting in the coming weeks.  There’s a few gallery exhibitions, social/networking events and end of year students’ shows I will be visiting so I plan on sharing a bit of that with you.  London is one of the best places in the world for art and fashion so I hope this will be useful to anyone remotely interested in this scene.

I started yesterday on a glorious but super hot day visiting the William Morris gallery a fellow artist called Lara Harwood.  She told me about this exciting new venture she’s doing combining travel, art and teaching. I love the idea of going somewhere new to explore and taking direct inspiration from it with expert guidance in whatever field you work in...ceramics, drawing/painting, textiles...definitely something I will seek to do in the future and it’s also a great way to travel solo and meet a like minded group to share your passion with.

In the afternoon, I travelled across town to the Chelsea college of Art which is opposite Tate Britain.  It was a mixture of Fine Art, Textiles, Graphic Design and Interior Design student work galleries. I was especially impressed with some of the Textiles work which was really high quality.  Not a lot of printed textiles on show but interesting mixed media for sure.