Out & About London - Part 1

I decided to start a series of short blog entries covering all the events and places I am planning on visiting in the coming weeks.  There’s a few gallery exhibitions, social/networking events and end of year students’ shows I will be visiting so I plan on sharing a bit of that with you.  London is one of the best places in the world for art and fashion so I hope this will be useful to anyone remotely interested in this scene.

I started yesterday on a glorious but super hot day visiting the William Morris gallery a fellow artist called Lara Harwood.  She told me about this exciting new venture she’s doing combining travel, art and teaching. I love the idea of going somewhere new to explore and taking direct inspiration from it with expert guidance in whatever field you work in...ceramics, drawing/painting, textiles...definitely something I will seek to do in the future and it’s also a great way to travel solo and meet a like minded group to share your passion with.

In the afternoon, I travelled across town to the Chelsea college of Art which is opposite Tate Britain.  It was a mixture of Fine Art, Textiles, Graphic Design and Interior Design student work galleries. I was especially impressed with some of the Textiles work which was really high quality.  Not a lot of printed textiles on show but interesting mixed media for sure.